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Campus Battlfield Book

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Campus Battlefield 

By Charlie Kirk 

The Campus Battlefield takes that fight to our nation’s college campuses, where the left’s decades-long campaign to transform our universities into radical re-education camps is working, and now we are seeing the disastrous results. Free speech, intellectually rigorous debate, and the simple concepts of tolerance and fairness are routinely being corrupted and weaponed to promote radical leftist ideologies, enforce group think, and marginalize or eliminate altogether any student, professor and dean who gets in their way. All the while, by design, these hothouses of close-mindedness and the blame-America, anti-free market, victimology professors that staff them are twisting the minds of tomorrow’s leaders.


You will read one horror story after another documenting the breadth and depth of the depressing desecration of our so-called institutions of higher learning. It is an ugly, sad picture. But you will also learn that the counter-offensive to free our universities from leftist control has been launched and is quickly gaining momentum. Turning Point USA was founded in 2012 by Charlie Kirk to combat leftism on college campuses. Today, it is the fastest growing grassroots activist youth organization in America, with tens of thousands of young conservative members. Having established a presence at more than 1,000 schools, and backed by strong organizational and recruiting networks nationwide, it is challenging the left in their own house: exposing leftist professors for what they are, standing tall for conservatism in the face of relentless hostility, and educating students about the importance of free-market values and the moral bankruptcy of leftist dogma.


As The Campus Battlefield makes clear, the stakes in this war are high. The battle for control of our schools and colleges is just one front in the life-and-death struggle for the future of our country, but it is a critical one. If leftist corruption of the American ideals of individual liberty, equal justice, free speech and economic freedom now so common on college campuses comes to dominate the nation’s outlook, as the left intends, this will become a country torn from the foundational principles established by the Founding Fathers. And that is an America we will not abide.

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